I hope everyone is excited to finally get out and show. WNCHA Show 1-2 is coming up May 30-31, 2020 at Tommy Lee Feedlot in Fallon, NV.


I know many members have expressed concerns during this pandemic of COVID-19. Rest assured we have taken every precaution to make sure everyone is safe. Here is the information:


Facemasks are not mandatory to wear while at the show. However, we will have masks available for any member who wishes to wear one. WNCHA will have gloves available as well for members who wish to use them. WNCHA will have plenty of hand sanitizer for members to use. Any member who uses the flag the hand control will be, disinfected after each use in order to keep members safe and follow CDC guidelines.


WNCHA asks anyone who will be attending our upcoming show if you show signs of a fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, or loss of smell and taste or have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 we encourage you to stay home and follow the guidelines placed by the CDC.


By attending WNCHA Show at Tommy Lee Feedlot you acknowledge that you may become in contact with someone who may have COVID-19 and not know it.  WNCHA and Tommy Lee Feedlot is not to be held liable if this is to occur. We encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible.

Any questions with the above please do not hesitate to ask.







WNCHA Show 1-2 May 30-31, 2020 at Tommy Lee Feedlot Fallon,  NV
Judge: Katie Hitchings
Arena Director: Katie McDonald
Circuit Awards: KJ Performance Horse
Concessions: Café on site and is open.

You must Declare for your classes if you want to be eligible for Top 5 and saddles.

At this time due to CDC Guidelines of social distancing, we ask all Entries to be made by Friday May 29, 2020 by 7PM for Saturday’s Classes and Saturday May 30, 2020 by 7pm for Sunday’s Classes. You can also, sign up for both days at this time as well,  If you are unsure about coming and decide to come after the deadline, this is fine however, you will be the last go in the class or classes you sign up for.

Entries need to be made either by email, phone call, text and now you can enter online at wncha.com. Please contact Patti at nrccha@aries.net 775-691-6487.

Tommy Lee does have pens available at the feedlot they are on a first come first serve bases and are $15.00 a night. You can also, board your horses at the Churchill County Fairgrounds. 775- 423-7733 County fairgrounds do offer LQ spots as well I believe stalls and LQ Spots are $15.00 a night each LQ include water and electricity these are on a first come first serve bases and will not take reservations. Any questions please contact the fairgrounds.


We have a host hotel in Fallon as well Super 8 Motel guest reservations can be made 855- 680-3239

Classes are $85, except for youth.

Class Order:

Non Pro
$25,000 Novice
$25,000 Novice Non Pro
$5,000 Novice
$5,000 Novice Non Pro
$750 Novice
$15,000 Amateur
$2,000 Limit Rider
$1,000 Non Pro
Ranch Class Cow horse/Rommel Friendly

No rotating schedule class order is the same for the year. 


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