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Good evening WNCHA family…

We would like to thank the members who were present at the WNCHA annual membership meeting.

For those who couldn’t attend, here is a general summary of the meeting:
Election of Officers.

President - Kirk Ferris
Vice President - Andria Golden
Treasurer - Debra Burns
Secretary - Crystal Foresthall

Secondly, the board has made a decision regarding classes for the 2023 season. This is a smart decision and is working towards a greater future with these classes in, not only this year, but the years to come.

There will no longer be a 1000 non pro class.
There will be a 2500 novice class in its place.
Also, we need to inform the membership that the boxing and ranch classes are different. There were many mix-ups regarding fees, structure, etc, of the boxing class in 2022.

The boxing class is one cow for 50 seconds and is $50/entry. This class will still not be year-end eligible but offers a unique opportunity to work your horse and gain valuable experience.


In addition, any member who scratches after a class is drawn members will be charged a $60.00 cattle fee.


Thirdly, members will need to bring a check or cash to the show secretary prior to showing. Should no check or cash be given to the show secretary prior to the show start members will not be able to show in their class. We have had to many members do not pay their bill at the end of the show. Most shows require this, and unfortunately, we have no choice to implement this policy.


Regarding a few issues that arose last year, we feel it necessary to get the correct information in front of the membership about show percentage needed for year-end awards: the basic rule of math with rounding (5.4% rounds down to 5%; 5.5% rounds up to 6%) is the rule.


We will be going through the rules of WNCHA in the upcoming months to ensure they are up to date. This will benefit the whole club as we make sure that everything is on point for our members.

This really was a great board and general membership meeting. We have a lot of high energy from tenured board and a great feel from the new board members.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to any of us.




Kirk Ferris



2022 Show Results/Standings

Nevada Cutting Horse Association encourages the development of and public interest in promoting and sponsoring public cutting horse contests; public exhibition of cutting horses in conjunction with cattle and livestock; presenting and participating in cutting horse events and other general livestock exhibitions, shows and expositions; establishing standard rules for cutting horse contests; standardizing selection of equipment, judges and directors or spokesmen for such contests; and  encouraging the development and breeding of finer cutting horses.

Our organization does everything necessary, appropriate, or proper to fully implement the objectives and purposes of the association. 

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